Does PVC Create Moisture or Moisture?

One of the questions about PVC door and window systems is whether moisture and humidity occur or not. Products such as aluminum and wood used for door and window systems are known to be more advantageous at the point of ventilation. In systems made of such materials, there is a gap between the window or door and the frames to which they are fixed. Although this gap creates a disadvantage at the insulation point, it allows the indoor environment to breathe.

Silicone gaskets used in PVC systems prevent the formation of gaps between windows and doors and frames. The lack of air passing through the gap areas may cause humidification of the environment, especially in winter. As a result of being cold outside and hot inside, moisture formation in the interior is among the situations that can be seen. This situation may lead to results such as the appearance of moisture in the building elements. This is a common situation, especially in homes with stoves. However, some measures can be taken against this humidity and humidity that may occur in buildings using PVC systems.

The easiest solution to prevent the possible moisture problem in buildings using PVC door and window systems is to ventilate the environment. It is possible to maintain the temperature balance by ventilating the hot environment with humidity at certain intervals. In this way, moisture can be prevented from forming on walls and ceilings. The humidity of the environment can be reduced by a simple method such as supplying fresh air to the environment. Especially for very hot and humid environments such as bathrooms, systems that will provide continuous air circulation can be installed. With a fan to be placed on the PVC window and door systems, the humid and hot air inside can be discharged.

With the electric fan system, there will be less humid air inside and humidity will not occur in the environment. This also applies to kitchen areas. A constant hot environment may occur due to cooking in the kitchen. Aspirator systems can be used to prevent the formation of a hot environment and increase the humidity.

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