• I want to replace my windows, what should I pay attention to?

    While buying a window, attention should be paid to the functionality and insulation properties of the window as well as aesthetics. A window that provides good insulation is an investment element that allows you to earn as well as visuality. You can also apply wood-like windows that are suitable for the interior of your home or the exterior aesthetics of your building. While the wooden look can only be applied to any surface you want, it can also be applied to both surfaces. Depending on the region, location and height of your building, the use of appropriate auxiliary materials by making a static calculation for your window will also eliminate the heat, sound and water insulation problems that will occur later.
  • What should I consider when choosing a profile series?

    When choosing a profile series, the height of the profile and the number of chambers are the most important factors affecting the insulation values. As the height and number of chambers increase, the insulation values increase.
  • What should I consider when choosing glass?

    Glass is one of the most important elements of a window. Because the most important element that affects the thermal insulation value of the window, whether it is good or bad, is glass. First of all, if your window separates the exterior and interior spaces from each other (that is, if it is not used in the interior partitions), it should definitely be double-glazed. Not every double glazing has the same thermal insulation value. Classic double glazing, measuring 4 – 12 – 4 mm and 4 – 16 – 4 mm, is the most commonly used glass. These dimensions mean respectively; thickness of the 1st glass – thickness of the intermediate space – the thickness of the 2nd glass. Thanks to the heat control glasses used in double glazing units, it is possible to provide much higher insulation values. Today, the use of triple glazing for windows with higher thermal insulation has also become widespread. Although its use is low in our country, the insulation value is at the best level in Argon gas-filled glasses, which are widely used in Europe.
  • What is the warranty period for PVC Window?

    Another thing you should pay attention to when buying PVC windows is the warranty period. The warranty period on windows is at least 2 years. In order for this to be valid, make a contract with your dealer and ask for your warranty certificate.
  • Is PVC Window harmful to human health?

    PVC window is a building element that is friendly to human and environmental health. After its assembly, it does not emit any gas around. It is friendly to human health as it does not contain chemicals such as paint and varnish on its surface. If you think that today many household items, children's toys and even blood bags are made of PVC, PVC is a material that is completely friendly to nature and human health.
  • What should I use when cleaning my PVC Window, should I care?

    Liquid detergents can be used when cleaning your PVC Windows. We recommend that you clean your windows with the help of a white cloth without touching the gaskets. Never use cleaners such as bleach, salt spirit, powder detergent. These will cause your PVC window to be scratched and discolored. As maintenance, it will be sufficient to lubricate the moving parts of your accessories with thin machine oil every 6 months.

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